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James Clowater

James Clowater is an ornithologist and naturalist whose interest and excitement about the natural world covers such diverse topics as forestry, botany, marine ecology, ornithology, Ethnobotany, and Northwest Coast Native Culture. His research on the behaviour of marine birds has been published in scientific journals, as well as in popular magazines such as Equinox, New Scientist, Canadian Wildlife Magazine, and has been featured on the Discovery Channel and on CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks program. James grew up on Vancouver Island and has an intimate knowledge of the flora and fauna of British Columbia. He designed the Marine Birds Course, Birding for Beginners, Love Among the Feathers, The Joy of Birdsong, Diving Birds Revealed, and Convergence in Myth Morphology and Behaviour. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm about science and nature.

Photo Credits

Most of the photos on this site were taken by James Clowater and are available to use as long as credit is given to him. Any photo by others has the credit printed on the image. Contact me if you would like larger format versions.