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Nature Victoria

Programs that connect with nature


The following are services that I offer;

  • Courses about birds and bird behaviour
  • Nature talks and presentations
  • Computer tutorials
  • Web site design


  • The Marine Birds Course
  • Birding Basics Part I: Songbirds
  • Birding Basics Part II: Water Birds

These courses are offered at the University of Vicroria's Department of Continuing Education and at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.

Talks - Presentations

The following are talks are available to be booked for your group or club. They are appropriate for an adult audience and have been presented to many local community groups, clubs, and retirement residences. Click on the title links for more information.

  • Love Among The Feathers
  • The Joy of Bird Somg
  • Diving Birds Revealed
  • Convergence of Myth, Morphology, and Behaviour
  • Bioluminescence and Predation

Please email me to book a talk:

Computer Tutorials

Learn stress free, at your own pace in your own home. I am a mature man with excellent communication and teaching skills, and lots of patience. I will be your guide and mentor while you achieve your computer goals.

Learn to:
  • use email
  • create a BLOG or a Web page
  • send and receive pictures & documents
  • surf and research on the internet
  • use Skype for free long-distance calls
  • use Word, Excel, Outlook, Dreamweaver
  • store and organize your photos
  • use Photoshop for photos and graphics
  • write letters, stories, or memoirs
  • use Pay-Pal to buy online
  • clean & speed up computer
  • conduct banking online
  • remove viruses
  • and much more

I am available for $30/hour.
Please call (250-508-290 two) or email me to book a day and time:

Web Site and Graphical Design

I am a certified Web Site Designer in XHTML and CSS. I am available to design your web site